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Who to rely on to design a restaurant?

In spite of the economic situation and the food embargo, restaurants in large cities are opening one after another. And if some are opened to replace the closed ones, others simply update the interior and remain at the old place. However, no remodeling is complete without an experienced designer. Where to find such a specialist, how to choose the one and who to entrust the "soul of the establishment" to we will tell in the article devoted to the choice of public interior designer.

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Store design: lighting

This article focuses on one of the stages of developing a properspecificationfor retail store design, lighting design, in particular, whose importance is especially noticeable during the winter period.
Successful business activity depends on the retailer's ability to promise the customer something they need, but do not have at the moment. In areas remote from the center of the city, where entertainment options are limited, proper facade lighting turns the store intoa "local attraction." The point of sale acquires a certain appeal as a sort of "a bastion of civilization", which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the competitiveness of a well-lit store, compared with others.

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How to prepare your clothing store for a successful opening?

Geographical location

Even the most successful design project and a trendy store concept will not save your business if the chosen location of the establishmentis wrong. Where should anew store belocated? In most cases, we recommend that a store should be opened in areas where the customer flow has already been attracted and organized, that is, close to other stores. Thus, you can save energy, time, and money that would otherwise have to be spent on promoting your establishment.

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Jewelry Store: creating an effective windowdisplay

When we are working on a store design, a special attention should be paid to the window display. The window isthe "face" of a store, an unobtrusive type of advertising that, while clearlypresenting the store’s image, does not annoy customers, unlike most other types of advertising.

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