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Geographical location

Even the most successful design project and a trendy store concept will not save your business if the chosen location of the establishmentis wrong. Where should anew store belocated? In most cases, we recommend that a store should be opened in areas where the customer flow has already been attracted and organized, that is, close to other stores. Thus, you can save energy, time, and money that would otherwise have to be spent on promoting your establishment.

Remember that even the best clothes will not be bought, if you choose the wrong location for the store, simply because there will be no buyers. If you decide to "open up" in a shopping mall, it is best to be located on the side of main customer’s traffic flow. The same applies to opening a street retail store: the main customer traffic is formed by residents of nearby buildings and office workers, and if none of them is your target audience, it is unlikely that it will appear even after some time. Keep that in mind while analyzing the potential location of your store. Note, that this analysis may take some time - it is normal, it is better to think a hundred times before, than to open a store that will not bring profits.

Design project of the store and commercial equipment arrangement

Store design is not a simple matter. If you have funds to pay a good designer’s fees, you should use this opportunity to make your store stand out from competition. If there are no spare funds, you will have to deal with all the design issuesyourself. Itisamatterofabsoluteimportance.

Have you ever noticed that most clothing stores’ interior design is made ina simple and minimalist style? It is easy to understand that a store interior can often be modest and inexpensive. It is important though, that the clothes you're sellingtake a leading position in the interior. Color solution can add emphasis to the product. For example, under the influence of a warm palette and shades of red and orange, buyers feel a surge of power and energy, these colors seem to say: "Buy, do not hesitate!". However, there should not be too muchred.Pastel orange and golden color palette is associated with beauty and is often used in stores sellingladies’ goods, whereas the yellow color is associated with reasonably prices goods. Cold range of shades of blue and turquoise sets a tranquil mood, creates an atmosphere of pleasure from shopping. Shades of purple and blue are a real godsend for a store interior because windows of just such colors attract the most attention of customers, under the influence of those colors buyers think the least of possible expenditure. Those colors are particularly relevant to a windowdisplay ofa jewelry store or a boutique.
Do not overwhelm the interior with too bright detail, able to divert buyers’ attention from the goods. However, you should take care of the feeling of comfort that must occur when the customers cross the threshold of the store. Proper lighting and fine details,filling the unique style of your retail outlet, will help.
You have probably understood that special attention should be paid to lighting whileworking on the store design project. In the warm lamp light goods made of leather and natural materials look particularly good, whereas halogen or LED lighting will emphasize a window display of a jewelry store, diamond jewelry, and other precious stones. Properly arranged lighting can significantly improve the customers’ impression of items of clothing. Of course, lighting is directly related to the store electrical design, whose development should by all means be done by a specialist.

You have to think about the location of mirrors: they should not only be placed in fitting rooms, but also in the main area, so that the customers could apply clothes to their body and see if their style and colorfitthem. In fitting rooms there should be enough space to turn around in front of a large mirror, where you can see yourself full-length, as well as a pouf for ahandbag or a bag with other purchases, a sufficient number of hooks, and, most importantly - powerful ventilation, because that is where the buyer makesa decision. These things seem small, but they make the process of fitting and buying more comfortable, which in turn has a beneficial effect on sales volume.
It would be goodif your store attracted even those customers who originally were not going to visit - you need occasional buyers. To do that, place the garments in such a way that a person entering the store, could see at once, which sections offercertain items of clothing, and could easily find what they need. Nicelydressedmannequinscanraiseyoursales, too.
Do not forget aboutanti-theft gates. Sooner or later you will have to face thieves, who, feeling their impunity, will be bringing you more and more damage. Never allow that: invest in security and have no doubt about return on such investment.

How to comply with legal formalities when opening a store

Selection of legal entity typeis a very important step that cannot be neglected. Usually, when it comes to a clothing store, owners choose between sole proprietorship (ИП) and LLC (ООО). If you have the opportunity to register sole proprietorship, it is worth doing: this solution simplifies your reporting and will help to reduce tax payments due to the simplified scheme, available to asole proprietor. However, it can happen so that your business will automatically fall under UTII (Unified Tax on Imputed Income). In that case, your tax rate will not depend on the sales volume. Pay attention to all such details when you areworking on your business plan.