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In spite of the economic situation and the food embargo, restaurants in large cities are opening one after another. And if some are opened to replace the closed ones, others simply update the interior and remain at the old place. However, no remodeling is complete without an experienced designer. Where to find such a specialist, how to choose the one and who to entrust the "soul of the establishment" to we will tell in the article devoted to the choice of public interior designer.



So, you already know what you want to change or update, on your mindthere is the image of an ideal interior of a restaurant or a cafe, but you will hardly dare to develop a complete design with 3D-visualization. Here experienced designers and even entire design bureaus may help, all depends on the size of the project and the client's budget. The Internet is replete with a variety of offers of construction companies, and your friends will definitely find someone to recommend. How could you choose? The understanding between the designer and the client is the first step towards the successful completion of the project.


Stage One. Preliminary acquaintance. Portfolio and recommendations.

The first thing every client will look at is the portfolio of the work performed. It may consist both of 3D-visualizations and of photos of already implemented projects. If you like one of the currently operating establishments on the portfolio, we recommend that you visit the place and see with your own eyes how well zoned the space is, how well colors and furniture are chosen, whether there is a relaxing interioror whether or not the lighting is annoying.


Stage Two. A meeting. Live communication.



None of us ever gets a second chance to make a first impression, so the first meeting with the designer can be decisive. Pay attention to punctuality - how the person values their own and other people's time, in any case, it will affect the quality and timing of implementation of the design project. Sign language and manner of communication can also tell a lot.If during the communication with the designer you are not experiencing difficulties, you will easily find a common language when discussing the project and probably, the specialist’s own ideas will fall to your taste without further explanation. And vice versa - if you or your partner feel uneasy, you can hardly reach an agreement quickly and achieve the desired result. Do not overwhelm him with questions, let the specialist talk about themselves and their achievements, so you will understand the real situation, as your partner will not have to adapt to your needs.


Stage Three. Decision-making. A nice bonus.

Other things being equal the decision can be affected by exclusive offers and extra opportunities provided to the client. For example, Unique Technologies deals with the complex realization of projects for the opening of restaurants and stores, therefore, the design project of your future restaurant will be developed by a group of specialists: design engineers, architectural designers and specialists in engineering design. The possibilities of our company allow us to implement a project of any level of difficulty in the shortest possible time due to the fact that we use our own production facilities. Thus, you will be able to avoid the necessity to engage different contractors for different types of work and it will minimize your financial risks.



In any case, the choice is yours. We recommend that you should not make hasty decisions, and, first of all, describe the image of the future interiorand an ideal customer to yourself.What he likes,what kind of cuisine he prefers, whether he comes to the restaurant just to “still his hunger” or to have a holiday meal with family or friends? The answers to all these questions will, to some degree, affect both the interior and the choice of the designer.