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When we are working on a store design, a special attention should be paid to the window display. The window isthe "face" of a store, an unobtrusive type of advertising that, while clearlypresenting the store’s image, does not annoy customers, unlike most other types of advertising.

It is the window display wherea consumer can get information on the product range update or a discount period. Statistics says that four-fifths of all customers visit jewelry stores not to make a pre-planned purchase of a particular product, but in order to buy something that attracts attention. Proper design of jewelry windowdisplays creates customers’ feeling of "that very thing", because of which they will enter the store immediately or after some time.

When developing a store design project, the specialists of Unique Technologies take into account the data on the average number of customers, the intended target audience, the location, as well asthe brands,offered at the store.
A window display is a kind of a "mini-stage." A properly designed display seems deep and looks like a window to the world of luxury and beauty. To achieve this effect, it is sufficient to hold on to the following rules.

Guidelines for creating effective window displays:

1. Fine-tuned colors.
2. Installation of jewelry, text boxes, and other objects compiled according to the rules of artistic composition.
3. Elaborate lighting, which performs its function at any time.

The goods shown in the window, usually quickly find the buyer. Therefore, the most attractive and expensive products shouldbe left for internal layouts and the window should display the items that sell worse. And the proper lighting will do the job!

In the process of creating a window display it is necessary to avoid overloading it withobjects. A small amount of jewelry will create the impression of each of them as unique. Such an installation will be viewed with great attention. As a result, a customer will more readily buy an item exhibited in splendid isolation, as this product will subconsciously seem more valuable and exclusive.

In Europe, store window installation is replaced every two weeks, or even more often. Usually, the update does not affect or slightly affects the decor, which is the backcloth for the products.We are talking about changing the productsto be seen by people passing by. Sometimes this update requires minor adjustment of colors – not that there is a need to restore the harmony with the jewelry, but it is more to attract the attention of regular customers to the very fact of the update. It is very important that the product displayed in the window or an identical one could be purchased.

Let us look at the methods to createaproper window displayone by one

Installation: rules of composition.

To display jewelry effectively, you need to adhere to the principles of composition. Three types of installations are commonly used:
1. The "3-5-8" type. Three sizes of objects are displayed in the window: large, small and medium.
2. "Staircase." Objects are set at different heights.
3. "A row." Products are arranged in a row, forming a straight line.

The most important items should be positioned slightly below eye level, at a higher level than the secondary objects, in the center of the composition. The space should not be crowded: do not try to“optimize” it.
The design of the backcloth and ofthe display interior space depends on the design project of the whole store. Closed windows separated from the internal space of the store by an opaque backcloth, are usually made in one color (for that purpose the walls, the floor and the ceiling of the window display are painted or upholstered with a soft cloth, often by velvet). This type of display requires installation of additional lighting and removable bases. The advantage of such windows is that the customers, who have already entered the store, areconcealed from prying eyes, which can be extremely important for expensive jewelry stores.

In a number of stores it is common to replace closed window displays with TVs, broadcasting jewelry ads round-the-clock. Such solutions perform an absolutely different function, compared to traditional storefronts: they rather repel insolvent visitorsthan generate a spontaneous impulse to buy. Normally, TVs instead of window displays are installed in very expensive salons designed for VIP customers.
An open window display allows you to see the interior of the store from outside. Therefore, when choosing a store window display of this kind it is very important to work out the store design project so that its interior design couldbe a harmonious background for the exhibited products.
The problem can be solved by installing a separate "backcloth", focusing the customers’ attention on the product rather than on the store interior. If a person,after looking at the window display, gets interested in the product, he will still enter the store and get the opportunity to see the interior.
The backcloth design can in no case be ignored. It is possible to choose the background, which covers the entire back of the store window, or choose the one, which covers it only partially, but at any rate,you need to fit the background in the overall composition. It should be kept in mind that the presence of a backdrop favorably affects the display lighting.
The background can perform either an advertising function using prints and textsor be purely decorative. In the latter case the backdrop is made in the colors and style of the windows. Sometimes advertising materials are placed on the decorative background.

Lighting of a jewelry display.

Proper lighting affectsthree-quartersof a store success. No matter how goodandnovelthe idea of the product display is, it can be never properly realizedwithpoor lighting.
There is no need to use a very bright light to display jewelry. The objects should look natural. Typically accent lighting or spot lighting is used, which is especially good against the overall gloomy lighting of the window display. Most often, halogen light is used, which, however, is not perfect, because the emission leads to excessively high temperatures. We advise that yourchoice should be discharge lamps.

The light identical to daylight best emphasizes the color scheme of jewelry. Halogen lamps can also be used, but they should beconcealed in a box, havingboth decorative and protective functions.
It is common to view cold light as more appropriate for silver and white gold, red and yellow gold is appropriate to be emphasized with warm lighting.
Of course, direct light focus on jewelry should be avoided. It is not just a bad decision in terms of presentation, but also clearly a threat to the safety of products: colored precious stones may begin to fade. The correct direction of light, which allows to optimally demonstrate the color characteristics of stones, should drop from the front and the top, slightly angled. The product shadowsshould drop to the back.
Lighting is a market area which is constantly updated, adding new solutions to the designers’ arsenal. Currently, for example, commercial use of diode lighting is soaring, however, it is still too expensive due to its difficult assembly.
We recommend that you consult specialists who have extensive experience in this field to handle lighting matters. To arrange a window display installation it is enough to have an understanding of the laws of composition and a sense of style, but to create the proper lighting one must be able to perform complex calculations and to know which arrangement of equipment will bring the correct result.

Materials and colors.

The color scheme has, perhaps, the more powerful influence on the consciousness and sub consciousness of the audience than all the other parameters of a window design. Psychologists confirm that a hodgepodge of colorscausessubconscious anxiety and annoyance, whilea color harmonycreates the opposite reaction.

Therefore, jewelry window display is usually designedso that the entire installation is subordinated to one color, at least, 80%. The remaining 20% is "reserved" for emphasis, to draw attention, however, it is selected in such a way that the base and contrasting colors could combine harmoniously.

Color concepts used in the jewelry sector, have been tested by centuries of experience. The background should be moderate, sufficiently neutral, then it will set off the products properly. Shades of black and brown, dark blue, dark greenare well suited to white gold and silver. Yellow and red gold "feel" best of allbeing against a fair background - pink, beige, white, pale yellow.
The higher the class of the jewelry store is, the more expensive materials should be used in the design of its window display. In the most prestigious stores products are displayed on the base made offine wood, crystal, natural stone, or leather.
In stores of a lower class, located inside shopping malls, you can see the products exhibited on the base of plastic imitating natural materials, metal or metallic mesh, inexpensive sort of wood, or cardboard.
Mirror basein jewelry store windowsshould be used with great caution. Most often mirrors are used if the whole display case is entirely focused on the presentation of a single piece of jewelry. Positioning of the mirror surface should be horizontal on the bottom plane or vertically on the back side. In this case, it is possible to include it in the decorative composition. In a store interior mirrors are rather relevant both in terms of functionality ascustomers will be able to see themselves in the process of fitting and in terms of decorating the space.
It is not common to place a shiny base in a window of a jewelry store asit will compete with the products and divert customers’ attention.

Window display decoration

When choosing decorative elements for store windows, it is important to remember that it is not them that should be the center of attention, but the jewelry, for the sake of which everything is being done. A balanced mix of decorand jewelry in color and form should be reached. Sometimes household items are fitted in the themeof a window display, which create a clear message that makes the viewer smile, which creates a certain mood.
The more peculiar thedisplay is, the higher its effectivenessshould be. When working with window displaysattention should be paid to fresh themes, materials, and color combinations. Sometimes it is even worth making a move away from the time-honored tradition and try something unexpected, strange. It is useful to try to put in the window a base of natural origin, which is not commonly used: coal, sand, granite. Such materials can also be used in the design of backdrops. Sand, which is characterized by a considerable variety of shades depending on the origin, looks particularly well in decorating jewelry displays.

Global change of decor is made according to the plan drawn up in advance. As a rule, a change occurs at the beginning of each season. Particular attention should be paid to the holiday seasons, traditionally, they are good times for jewelry business. Displays areobligatorilyredesignedbefore the New Year, the International Women's Day and the St. Valentine’s Day. On the whole, during the year there are, at least, seven global decor changes.
A beautifully and harmoniously decorated jewelry store window display can create the impression, in some sense, of being no less precious than jewels, displayed in it. It will bring you a steady income by attracting new visitors.