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     Architectural design of a cafe is a part of a set of documents, which has to be approved by Rospotrebnadzor authority, and some entrepreneurstreat the development of this document as an inevitable, rather expensive, but practically useless formality. If you partner with Unique Technologies specialists, you can be assured that the money invested in architectural design has not been spent in vain.

     We guarantee to our customers:


  1. Competence;
  2. Individual approach;
  3. Timely execution of orders.

     We perform a variety of jobs: it can be a patisserie design with a full production facility for baking, or a bistro, working on semi-finished products; remodeling an existing cafe with a change of itsconcept, or construction of a detached building. Architectural solutions are created in accordance with the concept chosen by the customer, as well as the specific situation, but in any case, a café built in accordance with the documents developed by us will be taken into operation without any complication.


     After the work has been completed the customer receives a complete set of design documents, fully compliant with the current town-planning requirements. In addition to the graphic album, containing images of the cafe facades in the approved color palette, sections, floor plans with explication of the rooms, the textual part, which is the description and justification of the architectural solutions, is prepared.


     As the experience of Unique Technologies shows, aproperly createddesign allows the client to avoid the mistakes that can be costly. Often, prospective restaurateurs underestimate the volume of work related to the redevelopment of premises or do not assign enough space for utility rooms. Computer visualization, which is carried out by the U-tech experts, provides the opportunity to walk around the virtual cafe and imagine how convenient it will be to customers, choose colors and arrange furniture. Careful attention to the architectural part allows to work out a realistic estimate, evaluate labor intensity of construction and repair work.

     The cost of the architectural design of a cafe is determined individually. Clients who order the architectural, engineering design, and design project, save time significantly because the designs will be carried out at the same time.