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Design of a cafe


Дизайн-проект кафе


     The harmony of the interior and the cafe concept is an indispensable attribute of a first-class establishment, because if the customers for some reason feel uncomfortable, even the best menu will not save the day. More and more food establishments are openingand in order to stand out in a series of similar ones, it is necessary to have a clear concept, according to which the design project of the cafe is developed.

     U-tech specialists know that the cozy interior is always the result of careful study of the customers’ needsand the characteristics of the premises. If, from technical point of view, the design of a children's cafe, for example, does not differ from the other food establishments with the similar assortment of dishes, in terms of style design the difference is huge and very important. However, we should not forget that children are brought to a cafe by their mothers, and the interior should appeal to them in the first place. The experience helps our designers to find successful solutions for cafes of various formats.

     The matter of the cost of work should be negotiated individually. The design of a cafe with 50 seats can be cheaper than development of a design project of a small cafe in the retro style, if in the first case typical solutions are used, and in the second - the original author’sideas. Creative designers of Unique Technologies can offer excellent design ideas forcafes in different price ranges, from budget to luxury establishments.

     The depth of the design projectcreation depends on the needs as well as on the financial possibilities of the client. For example, design of a bar, focused on joint watching of sports broadcasts, can be limited to the development of just a few drawings. Using visualization of the bar counter, measurement drawings, planningor re-planning designs and furniture arrangement designmay be quite sufficient to carry out renovation work. The full design project includes design of ceilings and light fixtures, ventilation design, walls and tile layout, specification of finishing materials and other documents, whichassist inrenovation and quality control as much as possible.

     It is important that all the design solutions that we offer to the client, are fully consistent with the architectural and technical part of the café design. With the help of computer graphics, we can create 3D models that allow to evaluate the designer’s work even before finishing workers arrive at the site. Since Unique Technologiesprovides complex services of opening cafes, bars and restaurants, our specialists will help to choose the furniture, the fixtures and other elements that create a sense of style. As a result, it is cheaper than if you were looking for that separately or independently.