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     Architectural design of a cafeteria is different from other food establishment projectsin some features. In particular, it is affected by the need to comply with certain health standards. For example, in the kitchen separate rooms should be provided for processing and cooling meat products. A cafeteria ventilation project, water supply and heating also have their own peculiarities. In the design, specification of dishes served in that establishment is also taken into account. It is necessary to pay attention to how many employees will be working in the kitchen. It affects the sizes of rooms and work areas.


     By the range of dishes cafeterias can be divided into dietary and general type. In the first case it is necessary to consider cooking meals for people following a special medical diet. Those dishes mayneed a special technology to prepare,which should be considered when selecting the equipment and determining the size of the working area, i.e. in the development of the cafeteria engineering design.


     Also sometimes there is a need forextra storage space for temporary food storage. Such facilities have to be equipped according to special requirements. The size of the rooms depends on the scope of service. For perishable foods additional cooling and ventilation should be provided.


     Design works begin with the measurement of the leased premises. To do that, a Unique Technologies specialist visits the client and with special tools measures the entire area of the future cafeteria. Sometimes photos are taken for more convenience. After that the floor plan is drawn by the measurements.


     Next, there is detailed design. Facades, window and door openings in their entirety are drawn. Ventilation network, electrical wiring, water supply and sanitation layout is worked out. Then the layout of equipment placement, its connection to the water supply and other communications is worked out.


     In any architectural designthe design of the future establishment and its overall concept are taken into account. The draft is shown to the customer and after thatthe details should be approved. Further, the design is finalized according to the changes, which were discussed with the client and the design approval takes place.


     Thus, the architectural designof a cafeteria is quite a challenge, which requires specialized knowledge and experience. That is why it is better to have Unique Technologies specialists carry out the design of the cafeteriafor you. Due to the fact that our company provides comprehensive service of opening and equipping of bars, restaurants, cafeterias and cafes, you will not have to manage a lot of contractors yourself. We have a sufficient scope of our own production facilities and experienced project managers who will implement the most complex project efficiently and on time.