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     Pizzeria is one of the most visited food establishments in any city. And that place is to be safe, practical and convenient bothtocustomers and to its employees. It is primarily determined by the quality of the architectural design,which depends on the designer company. Our company,Unique Technologies, offers the highest quality, convenient and unique architectural designs for your pizzeria. Our specialists will properly carry out all the necessary stages of the design. You will be satisfied with the result and the costs incurred, which is important, too.


     The work on any architectural design begins with measurements of the premises that are going to be renovated. To do that, we send to the site a qualified U-Tech specialist with all the necessary equipment. He carefully takes measurements. That stage of opening a pizzeria affects the outcome of the renovation or construction, so we guarantee that our employees will perform all the works with the highest accuracy.


     Next, according tothe measurements a preliminary architectural design of the pizzeria is prepared, which takes into account all the dimensions and characteristics of your premises. Also, at that point the future design of the premises is considered. In addition, Unique Technologies specialists highly respect the preferences of the clients, so they are the firstto be taken into account in the preliminary architectural design.


     When the preliminary architectural design is ready, it should get the final approval of the client. Upon request, necessary changes are made. Further, taking into account all the client’s changes and preferences, our specialists make the final architectural design, which, after a complete and thorough examination, gets approved and signed by the lessor.


     As a result, we issue three copies. One copy is forwarded to the client, another –to the lessor, and the third copy we, as developers, keep to ourselves. The architectural design of a pizzeria is a very important element of opening such an establishment. If it has beencarried out correctly and includes all the necessary features,the further renovation and operation of the establishment will go smoothly.


     In addition to taking into account all the requirements when working on such a project, it is necessary to be guided by the direction of the future business. Any pizzeria should have properly furnished kitchen facilities, well-designed dining rooms, as well as utility rooms. In addition, it is necessary to strictly comply with safety requirements, because there are always a lot of electrical appliances, stoves and ovens in a pizzeria. Our qualified specialists, who have proper education and work experience, will be happy to assist you with that difficult matter.


     You will like our prices, which are among the lowest in the region. In addition, our staff can help you with any issues and give a qualityadvice and work assessment.


     You will not regret, ifyou do your business with Unique Technology, because after the completion of all the work you will have theexcellent qualitypremises created according to the individual architectural design project. And since we provide complex services to openfood establishments, the implementation of your project will not take much time and will be cheaper than that of competitors who do not have our range of competencies and specializations. For more information about our activities please click here