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     Nowadays more and morenew shopping malls, office and residential complexes are being built. To carry out the construction of each of those facilities it is necessary to develop a proper engineering and architectural design.


     A store or other retail establishment architectural design beginswith making a conceptual design, followed by the development of aproposal report, which will include the wishes of all the clients.


     First of all, architectural design of the store and its construction will include:


  1. Overall architectural concept;
  2. Explanatory Note;
  3. Economic and technical calculations;
  4. Designsolutions.

     After the development of the documents, theyhave to be approvedby a variety of authorities.


     Architectural design of a furniture store, for example, bears a great responsibility and has to be based on high qualification of such executants as designers, architects, design engineers and engineers.


     Due to the fact that the architectural design of a furniture store (or any other) is referred to the fundamental stages of the construction, this process should be carried out not only by experts, but also by reliable partners, who will ensure an individual approach to each constructed object. All this is possible, if you choose Unique Technologies as the executants and designers of the architectural project for your store.


     Developed projects of children's stores, shopping malls and complexes are carried out in several stages.


     The first of those is associated with breakingthe whole space into a few commercial sectors, which include:


  1. Entrance area to forward the flows of customers;
  2. Service areas;
  3. Zones of major product groups location.

     When you are designing, for example, a 100-square-meter-store project, or a project of a store in a shopping mall, the service area should include a space for:


  1. Acceptance of goods;
  2. Product storage;
  3. Electrical room (engine compartment and switchboard);
  4. Presale product preparation;
  5. Movement of goods;
  6. Security;
  7. Administrative and utility resources.

     If you follow the stages of opening a store, then, for example, during implementation of a toy store project, for example, and the development of a design project of that store, you can already start to selectthe store furniture and to think of its location. Only an experienced project manager cancorrectly combine the two processes, while beginner entrepreneurs may fail to do that. If you contact Unique Technologies,you will be assigned your personal account manager and a project manager, who will be solving all the arisingissues and tasks within the project, freeing up your personal time. The result of that stage, together with the store design project should be the approval of the lists of furniture and equipment for the store operation, such as racks, shelves, displays, etc., as well as the premises measured drawings.


     During the next stage, when, for example,a bookstore project is being implemented, a comprehensive specification of retail furniture and store supplies is developed, then it is sent to the client for approval.


     During the final stage a flower shop project includes preparation of design drawings associated with the laying of power distribution cablesas well as installation of water supply and drainage systems. After that, the customer receives a complete package of technical documentation required for the subsequent connection of the commercial equipment.


     A difficult job, such as architectural and engineering design of a sports store or any other retailestablishment is carried out with the specialized softwareby the best experts of our company. In this case, you will be guaranteed a flawless execution of the works by U-Tech.As a result, the efficiency and profitability of your retail business will rise.