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Ventilation and air conditioning design (HVAC)Water supply and sanitation designElectrical design
Ventilation and air conditioning design (HVAC)Water supply and sanitation designElectrical design
Fire Safety Project design
Fire Safety Project design



Electrical design




1 Electrical design

It is developedto calculate the load required for the needs of the project and compare it with the capacity allocated to the project. If necessary,the design for additional capacity is made. After creating the design, it has to be approved by the lessor or the management company, and then by the Energonadzor authority.

2 Ventilation and air conditioning design (HVAC)

HVAC design consists of three parts: the draft of general exchange ventilation, process ventilation and air conditioning design. HVAC design is required by the law, and for stores and restaurants it is particularly necessary. This air exchange per each customer must be at least 20 cubic meters, and per an employee - not less than 60 cubic meters.

3 Water supply and sanitation design

Water supply and sanitation designproject consists of two parts: a water supply design project for the technical part of the object and household drainage for customers and staff. Typically, stores located outside shopping malls, that is, street-retail, as well as all restaurants, cafes, bars and cafeterias need to have such a design project.

4 Fire Safety Project design

Depending on the purpose of the buildings and facilities fire safety project may include:

  • automatic fire alarm,
  • automatic fire suppression system,
  • warning and evacuation management system.

In addition, the design must specify the evacuation plan for customers and staff.

The fire safety project is a guarantee of safety. Only a professional company with appropriate licenses and experience can develop such a design.

5 Low-voltage systems design project.

Low-voltage systems include: sound system installation, video surveillance, Internet line installation, including for POS equipment and connection with the bank, burglar alarm system and anti-theft system (for stores)

6 Structural concept

If demolition, transfer or strengthening existing bearing structures (walls and ceilings) is necessary, we carry out a design project of structural concept and get it approvedbythe proper authorities.